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Mimi Monet

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Naughty and glamorous with a sassy streak, exciting newcomer Mimi Monet likes her sexual encounters to be wild, wet, and sloppy! Boasting hot curves, luscious lips, and a tasty rack, the kinky blonde from Maryland is not only drop-dead gorgeous, but she also has the personality to boot! Mimi's vivaciousness and friendly nature on set are infectious, and she loves meeting new people and socializing. When the former bartender and camgirl isn’t busy sucking dick, she enjoys staying active by working out, running, and hiking, as well as pursuing her dream of becoming a fashion designer. Mimi is also a huge fan of sports, and she is a talented lacrosse and field hockey player. If you want to see Mimi give the sloppiest blowjobs you’ll ever see, make sure to check out the curvaceous hottie's incredible scenes below!

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